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Repeat: 2/3/10


Ken: (Green): (Who once stayed awake for 3 nights straight)

Ciana Masala: (Pink): (Who loves to fake cry)

Scotty Matthew Scott: (Yellow): (Can speak in a martian impression)

VJ Hovannessian: (Red): (Who wants to be a dentist when he grows up)

Remy Bogna: (Blue): (The owner of 21 animals)

Cheyenne Haynes: (Purple): (A avid comic book collector)

Level 1


Point Value Puzzle Answer Correct Other Answers/Incorrect
10 Walter's Nosehairs 12 Nosehairs Ciana, VJ, Cheyenne, Ken, Remy Scotty 11
20 Largest Number (Yellow) 4 (58885) Ciana, Cheyenne, Ken, Scotty, Remy VJ: Time up
30 Colored Fingernails Fingernail 4(Purple) Ciana, Cheyenne, Ken, Scotty, Remy VJ 1
40 Suspect Description Woman 4(Fake Dog poop on the principal's chair) Ciana, Cheyenne, Ken, Scotty, Remy VJ 2
50 Spelling Bee 3 Synophrys Ciana, VJ, Cheyenne, Remy Ken 2(Synofris)

Scotty 4(Sinophrys)

100 Mouse Exit Exit 3 Ciana, Ken, Scotty, Remy VJ 4/Cheyenne 2


Ranking Contestant Score
Tied for 1st/Perfect Remy 250
Tied for 1st/Perfect Ciana 250
3rd Ken 200
4th/Comeback Scotty 190
5th Cheyenne 150
6th VJ 60

VJ and Cheyenne are eliminated

Level 1 prize: Nick Arcade Gift Certificate/Bucket of Slime

Level 2

Remy, Ciana, Ken, and Scotty in Level 2.

Fart Demonstrator: Scotty


Around The World In 80 Seconds

Contestant Answer Number on List Correct?
Remy Leaning Tower of Pisa 8 Yes
Ciana Hollywood Sign 1 Yes
Ken Eiffel Tower 5 Yes
Scotty Colosseum 11 Yes
Remy Golden Gate Bridge 20 Yes
Ciana Mona Lisa 6 Yes
Ken The Canals 9 Yes
Scotty Notre Dame 7 Yes
Remy Swiss Alps 13 Yes
Ciana Volcano 19 Yes
Ken Taj Mahal 16 Yes
Scotty The Parthenon Place N/A No
Remy Statue of David 10 Yes
Ciana Time up N/A No

Not said: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Brandenburg Gate, Windmill, Acropolis, Kremlin and The Great Wall of China

Scotty and Ciana are eliminated

Knockout Round

Remy vs. Ken

Pairs:1/11, 2/7, 3/13, 4/6, 5/15, 8/12, 9/10 and 14/16(Same as 207)






Ken is eliminated

Level 2 prize: Trikke Scooter

Level 3

BrainSurge champion: Remy

Prizes: VocoPro Karaoke System/Laptop/Circus Circus

Demo Path: 3/7/11/6/9/14

4x4:Cleared in 4.89 seconds


5x5:Cleared in 8.29 seconds


6x6:Cleared in 23.38 seconds



  1. 5/12/17/16/15/14/13
  2. Clear with 53.44 left(Second fastest time)


  • This is the first episode (and the only episode in Season 1) of the series where a contestant (Remy) runs a perfect game by going perfect in Levels 1, 2, the Knockout Round and get slimed in Level 3 afterwards.
  • Remy and Ciana are the first two contestants to get a perfect score in Level 1.
  • This is the only time the mouse exit puzzle has the music from the number car puzzle instead of it’s usual one. It will change into it's normal music in Episode 120.