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Yuki: (Green) (Claims to read people's minds)

Sydney Horton: (Pink) (Changes her nail polish every day)

Erin: (Red) (Aspiring fashion designer)

Brian Martinez: (Yellow) (Once ate 5 hotdogs in under a minute)

JP: (Purple) (Able to carry a conversation with himself while he's sleeping)

Kristina Meyering: (Blue) (Has a twin sister)

Level 1


Point Value Puzzle Answer Correct Other Answers/Incorrect
10 Branding Iron (BrainSurge Ranch) 2(BrainSurge logo backwards) Kristina, JP Everyone else 1
20 Dodgeball Kid 1 Everybody N/A
40 Largest Number (Blue) 5 88,288 Erin, JP Sydney/Yuki 9(88,228)

Brian 1(88,282)

Kristina 4(82,828)

50 Elevator Floor 2 Sydney, Brian, Kristina, Erin, JP Yuki 4
100 Monster Bed 8 Monsters Nobody got it right Erin 6

Brian/Kristina/JP 7

Sydney 11

Yuki 13


Ranking Contestant Score
1st JP 120
2nd Erin 110
3rd Kristina 80
Tied for 4th Brian 70
Tied for 4th Sydney 70
6th Yuki 20

Brian wins the tiebreaker

Yuki and Sydney are eliminated

Level 1 Prize: Spongebob Globs of Doom game for Nintendo Wii/Bucket of Slime

Level 2

JP, Erin, Kristina, and Brian in Level 2.

Fart Demonstrator: JP


Secret Agent 0015 1/2 Spy Guy

Question Number Question Contestant Answer Correct?
1 Jeff communicated with his boss by talking into what object with wheels? JP Skateboard Yes
2 What henchman knocked Jeff down with his supersonic belch? Erin Time up No
2 Same question Kristina Dr. Disorder (was running out of time) No

Answer: Big Burp

Erin and Kristina are eliminated

Knockout Round

JP vs. Brian

Pairs:1/7, 2/11, 3/6, 4/13, 5/14, 8/10, 9/15 and 12/16(Same as 120/135/303)

JP: 1/7

Brian: 12/16

JP: 8/10

Brian: 5/3(Wrong)

JP: 5/14(Win)

Brian is eliminated

Level 2 Prize: Southern California Citypass

Level 3

Brainsurge champion: JP

Prizes: Polaroid Camera/Diamondback Bike/Circus Circus

Demo Path: 3/6/9/10/11/16

4x4: Cleared in 21.32 seconds

Path: 2/6/7/8/12/15(Same as 110)


  1. 2/6/Missed the button
  2. 2/6/7/8/11
  3. Clear

5x5: Cleared in 42.64 seconds

Path: 5/9/15/19/18/12/16/21


  1. 5/9/15/19/18/17
  2. 5/9/15/19/18/22
  3. 5/9/15/19/18/12/17
  4. Clear

6x6: Time expired after 3rd attempt

Path: 3/8/7/13/20/21/16/23/28/33


  1. 3/8/7/13/20/21/27
  2. 3/8/7/13/20/21/28
  3. Missed the buttons


  • The Dodgeball Puzzle from this episode can be seen in the intro.
  • This is the first episode without a 30-point puzzle.
  • Brian never gets a turn on screen due to Level 2 being edited to Erin and Kristina getting eliminated in the "first" round and him being 4th place. This makes Brian one of two contestants to never have a turn on screen due to editing, the other being Gio from Episode 130.


Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3: