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Production Date:5/8/09


Skyler Austin Beckett: (Green): (His baseball team went to the USA World Series)

Austyn Nestor: (Yellow): (Sounds like a squeak toy when she laughs)

Philip: (Purple): (Has a black belt in Taekwondo)

Mayah Schwiebert: (Pink): (Wants to be a pediatrician, and barks like a chihuahua)

Mike: (Blue): (Wants to be a soccer player)

Alyssa Waldrip: (Red): (Obsessed with bananas)

Level 1


Point value Puzzle Answer Correct Other Answers/Incorrect
10 Lockers Locker 1(Not open) Everybody N/A
20 The Flying Jeffinski 10 Somersaults(Total) Austyn, Mayah, Alyssa, Mike Skyler/Philip 9
40 Sleepover Invite ('J' Girls) 1 Jeannie(Not invited) Austyn, Alyssa, Skyler, Philip, Mike Mayah 3(Julie)
50 Can Prank (Purple) Can 3 Mayah Alyssa/Philip 1

Skyler/Mike 2

Austyn 4

100 Opera 9(2nd Window) Austyn, Philip Mayah/Mike 4

Alyssa 6

Skyler 8


Ranking Contestant Score
1st Austyn 170
2nd/Comeback Philip 150
3rd Mayah 80
Tied for 4th Alyssa 70
Tied for 4th Mike 70
6th Skyler 50

Alyssa wins the tiebreaker

Skyler and Mike are eliminated

Level 1 prize: Avatar Book 2/Bucket of Slime

Level 2

Austyn, Philip, Mayah, and Alyssa in Level 2.

Fart Demonstrator: Mayah


Amusement Park Adventure

Contestant Answer Number on List Correct/Incorrect
Austyn Roller Coaster 1
Philip Ferris Wheel 5
Mayah Bumper Cars 3
Alyssa Log Ride 2
Austyn Basketball Toss(Forgot her answer) 12
Philip Arcade Claw 15
Mayah Milk Bottle Toss 13
Alyssa Handchairs 20
Austyn Dart Toss 14
Philip Haunted School 19
Mayah Fortune Teller 16
Alyssa Fun House 17
Austyn Time up N/A Wrong
Philip Time up N/A Wrong

Not said: Giant Slide, Bounce House, Tilt a Hurl, Airplane Ride, Merry Go Round, Pony Ride, Bean Bag Toss and Viking Ship

Austyn and Philip are eliminated

Knockout Round

Mayah vs. Alyssa

Pairs:1/16, 2/13, 3/10, 4/12, 5/11, 6/15, 7/9 and 8/14(Same as 122)





Mayah:2/7(Wrong/She just saw the match but guessed wrong)


Mayah is eliminated

Level 2 prize: Southern California Citypass

Level 3

BrainSurge champion: Alyssa

Prizes: Jukebox/Yamaha Keyboard/Baja Mexico Cruise

Demo Path: 3/6/9/10/11/16

4x4:Cleared in 7.34 seconds

Path:3/6/7/8/12/15(Same as 115/133)

5x5:Cleared in 24.08 seconds



  1. 5/9/14/20/19/18/22
  2. Clear with 59.58 left

6x6:Cleared in 23.37 seconds



  1. 3/10/11/18/24/29/35
  2. Clear with 36.21 left


  • In the story, the picture of the handchairs was from Episode 110.
  • Shawntel can be seen In the hand chair scene.
  • This is the final Season 1 episode where there are 5 puzzles in Level 1.
  • On May 13th, 2021, It was revealed on twitter by Alyssa that Episode 137 was actually a pilot remake.
  • This marks the final time a red shirt contestant gets slimed.

Link (Levels 1 and 2) (Levels 2 and 3)