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Ashley: (Purple): (Once hugged a sea turtle)

Tyler: (Green): (Broadway hopeful)

Ada-Nicole Sanger: (Blue): (Jewelry maker)

Karine Titizian: (Pink): (Has broken her nose and her arm)

Isaac: (Red): (Loves teriyaki chicken)

Danny: (Yellow): (Once dove into the wrong lane at a swim meet)

Level 1


Point Value Puzzle Answer Correct Other Answers
10 Juggling 3 Microwave Everybody N/A
20 Bobby Annoys Courtney 3 I'm Serious Tyler, Karine, Danny, Ashley, Isaac Ada-Nicole 1 (Hey Bobby)
30 Spongebob Cards Card 2 Tyler, Danny Karine 3/Isaac 5

Ashley/Ada-Nicole:Time over

50 He Loves Me Flower 4 Danny, Ada-Nicole, Isaac Tyler 1/Karine 3

Ashley:Time over

100 Treasure Hunt X3 Nobody got it right Tyler/Karine:Time over

Everyone else 4


Results Contestant Score
1st Danny 110
2nd Isaac 80
Tied for 3rd Tyler 60
Tied for 3rd Ada-Nicole 60
Tied for 5th Ashley 30
Tied for 5th Karine 30

Ashley and Karine are eliminated

Level 1 prize: Street Surfing/Bucket of Slime

Level 2

Danny, Isaac, Tyler, and Ada-Nicole in Level 2.


Werewolf Jeff

Question Number Question Contestant Answer Correct
1 What kind of animal bit Jeff at the beginning of the story? Danny Dog Yes
2 What did Jeff drink water out of? Isaac Toilet Yes
3 What food did Jeff have the ability to smell from a mile away? Tyler Pizza Yes
4 The robber was known as The Masked what? Ada-Nicole Mailman Yes
5 What was Jeff sitting on when he ate his pizza? Danny Couch No
5 Same question Isaac Trash Can Yes
6 What did it take two of to get the crooks out of the tree? Tyler Firetrucks Yes
7 What kind of tournament was Jeff returning from at the beginning of the story? Ada-Nicole Tic-Tac-Toe Yes
8 What did the pizza delivery guy say when he knocked on the door? Isaac Pizza's Here! Yes
9 What was on top of the trophy that Jeff won? Tyler X Yes
10 How many pizzas were delivered by the delivery guy? Ada-Nicole 3 No/So Close

Answer: 4

Danny and Ada-Nicole are eliminated

Knockout Round

Isaac vs. Tyler

Pairs:1/9, 2/16, 3/12, 4/14, 5/8, 6/7, 10/11 and 13/15

Isaac: 1/9

Tyler: 6/7

Isaac: 13/12(Wrong)

Tyler: 10/11(Win)

Isaac is eliminated

Level 2 prize: Southern California Citypass

Level 3

Brainsurge Champion: Tyler

Prizes: Casio Keyboard/Nintendo Wii/Paradise Point, San Diego

4x4: Cleared in 5.54 seconds

Path: 1/6/5/10/11/15

5x5: Cleared in 7.94 seconds

Path: 1/7/8/13/18/19/20/24

6x6: Cleared in 34.31 seconds

Path: 3/8/7/13/19/20/15/22/28/34


  1. 3/9
  2. 3/8/7/13/19/20/23
  3. Clear


  • The Level 3 round in this episode reuses the same prizes for the 4x4, the 5x5, and the 6x6 from Episode 201, which are a Casio Keyboard, an Nintendo Wii system, and a Paradise Point, San Diego getaway, respectively.


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